Chesham Nursery

Chesham nursery opened in October 2020. The nursery consists of four different rooms on two floors, these are a baby room with an additional sensory room, a toddlers room, a pre-school room, and a classroom.

There is a large car park at the rear of our nursery for our parents to use when dropping off or collecting their children. Parents are able to drop off and collect their children from either of our two access points to the nursery, one of these is at the front of the nursery on Chesham high street, and the second is at the rear which will be used by the parents who are using the car park which you can access from East Street – Chesham.

Our day nursery has a perfect set up for anyone who needs childcare in Chesham and is easy for anyone who commutes from Chesham underground with it only being 0.2 miles away from our rear entrance.

Like all of our nurseries, the children’s safety is our top priority. This starts with our perimeter CCTV coverage, access control held by magnetic locks with authorised personnel only being permitted into the premises. We have also installed video intercoms on each entrance for that extra layer of security.

See our full Ofsted Report – HERE

Chesham Nursery

chesham nursery

Baby Room

Our baby room has space for 19 babies, there is soft flooring throughout so the babies are able to roam around easily.

There is ample room and soft play within this room, allowing the children to build on their physical development. We also have a ball pit for our babies to enjoy.

Within this room, there is also a separate sensory area where the babies and children can engage all of their senses, although the sensory room is used mainly by the babies – all of the other children are able to access this room throughout the week, and we use this room to support any of our children who have additional needs.

Toddler Room

Our toddler room has space for 20 children, we have a range of tabletop activities within this room, as well as plenty of space for activities on the floor and a soft play car.

We encourage the toddlers in this room to choose their activities to play and engage with.

The toddlers enjoy playing with a range of toys that encourage them to have lots of fun and begin to understand sharing as well as building on their communication skills.


Our pre-school room has space for 20 children.

The pre-school children are able to build on their independence for example by getting themselves ready for the garden.
We have a large art area and book corner in this room. We also have a science area, where the children engage in different experiments.
Our pre-schoolers enjoy playing in the role play area where there is a vast range of dress-up accessories as well as a child-friendly kitchen.

Our pre-schoolers will enjoy playing in the role play area where there is a vast range of dress-up accessories as well as a child-friendly kitchen.


Our Classroom has space for 20 children. The children in this room can self – serve their own breakfast and drinks throughout the day.

We have an interactive tablet that has many links to the Early Years Foundation Stage.

In this room, we have plenty of fun whilst the children are preparing for school. We carry out a ready for school week where the children will take part in activities including viewing photos of the local schools, having the register taken as well as using a packed – lunch box. The classroom children will engage in other activities including cooking, dancing and gymnastics.

Chesham Nursery Garden

We have two garden areas at our Chesham day nursery, one of the outside areas is for the babies and the toddlers and we use our rooftop garden for our pre-school and classroom children.

The children are able to run around in the fresh air and enjoy a range of physical activities including throwing and catching and what’s the time Mr Wolf?

Chesham Nursery Gallery

Nursery Fees

We have a few options with our Chesham nursery. It’s a 10 hour day which starts at 08:00 and ends at 18:00 which can be a full day or we also offer half days (5 hour morning or 5 hour afternoon).
There is also the option for an earlier start at 07.30 and then also the option for a later finish at 18.30.
We accept 3-year-old funding.
Click below to see our fee’s with a full breakdown depending on the number of days you prefer.

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