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Do you provide healthy snacks and meals throughout the day?
Yes, we provide breakfast, lunch and tea throughout the day at nursery. All our meals are cooked in our hub kitchen and we ensure that all meals contain a healthy balance of different foods. We also provide healthy snacks in the morning and the afternoon. At lunch times we provide hot meals, and we provide a high tea in the afternoon. All meals are served with water or milk.
Do you provide nappies and wipes?
No, we ask that parents provide nappies and wipes.
What happens if I am late collecting my child?
Any parent that wishes to pick up their child late, must phone the nursery as soon as possible to request the space for us to staff the nursery accordingly (there is an additional charge for this service) Any parent or guardian who collects their children late without prior agreement may be subject to an additional charge.
What happens if I need an extra session for my child?
If you require an extra session for your child, please contact the nursery manager as soon as possible, so that we are able to confirm the availability. Once availability has been confirmed the extra session rate will be charged. We always do our best to ensure we can help out without extra sessions but am times we may, unfortunately, need to say no due to maintaining the correct child to staff ratios.
Do you accept childcare vouchers?
Yes, we accept all childcare vouchers. Please contact the nursery manager if you need any information regarding this.
Am I charged for bank holidays?
Yes, all bank holidays are charged for within your monthly fee. You will also be charged if your child is away from nursery on holiday or due to illness.
Can I drop off my child before 8:00am?
We offer an early start of 7:30 (there is an additional charge for this service) please contact the nursery as soon as possible to book your child a space on the early start so that we can ensure we maintain a correct child to staff ratios.

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